We are Marketing Engineers

Switchback Skyline brings together high calibre, world class individuals to provide a truly full service mix. We can do Data, CRM, Marketing, Ecommerce, Social, Digital transformation and all sorts of other cool stuff to help you make better business decisions and improve your strategy to meet your objectives.

Who we are.

Led by Director and founder, Chris Raven, we pull together experienced, capable collaborators from across the marketing industry to service multiple sectors.


Founder / Director


Latest collaborator - Digital Asset Management project


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Everything we do is as integrated as possible. Strategy and intelligent use of data are nothing without strong, relevant and well positioned branding with consistent themes and elements used across all campaigns, collateral and customer touchpoints.


We have worked with major players in the sectors such as Retail, Automotive and Technology to understand their commercial landscape and create marketing and business strategy to help them navigate and improve results.


The revolution is ongoing! Digital is everywhere, Social media and smartphone adoption can't be ignored or put on the back burner for any industry. We have led wide-scope digital transformations to small scale app builds and digital content generation. Digital is at the core of what we do.


Our collaborators are strong in every marketing discipline, from traditional catalogue direct mail and segmentation, to CRM automation and technical marketing engineering. We understand the science of data, the mechanics of synergised agnostic multi-platform deployment and we blend this with the art of design for optimum results.

How we work.

1 Once you get in touch with us, we'll get back to you within 1 working day, usually just a couple of hours, and discuss your needs. If you wish to move forward at this point, the we start scoping. We will do this in as much detail as initially possible and then provide you with a proposal and estimated costs and timings.

2Next stage is solution design, with accurate timings and phasing, along with any tweaks to the scope. We keep you in the loop all the way through the process and are completely transparent about who is working on your project and how their skillsets are appropriate for the work.

3 Remote, face to face, Slack, Basecamp, Box, Asana, Trello, JIRA and all the rest - we understand and use the most appropriate technology and services to suit our clients, and integrate seamlessly with clients operational processes. Despite the instant facilitation of our ever connected world, we do still love meeting our clients in person...